Thunder Tactical Shooter's Club Bylaws
Continuing in 2017, all shooters will be required to review the latest TTS Club Bylaws, then sign and return a one page acknowledgement to the club Secretary/Treasurer, Eric Cooper, when paying the $10 annual dues.

CLICK HERE to read the updated 2017 TTS ByLaws.  Next, print out a copy and then sign & return the first page at your next match.
TTS Website - Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions (for use) Posted
Thunder Tactical Shooters is required to post the Website Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy to be consistent with our ability to process payments for match registration.  The links below will provide you a PDF document of each, spelling out your rights to use the TTS-IDPA website and our (TTS) requirements on your behalf.

Website - Privacy Policy  CLICK
Website - Terms of Use  CLICK

TTS Online Signup REFUND Policy

The cancellation of a match by TTS (Thunder Tactical Shooters) or TGR (Thunder Gun Range) for weather or other reason beyond our control will guarantee that a full refund will be issued.

If TTS is notified within 24 hours before a match that a shooter cannot attend, a refund will be issued.

If a shooter is a no show for match, no refund will be issued.

Refunds issued will be in the form of a credit back to the shooters credit card.


Range Security & Practice Procedures

Effective 1/1/2015

Hi all,

New procedures for using TTS stands and sticks for TTS member practice. The TTS stands on the wall between bays 4 & 5 are there for member personal practice use.  The sticks locked in the metal box next to the SAFE AREA are also for member use.  Contact one of the board members to verify your membership & obtain the combination for these two locks.

In case you have not noticed, there is a new Club at Thunder Gun Range -  "Thunder Shooters Club".  Any TTS IDPA shooter who wants to practice on their own at Thunder Gun range "must" belong to TSC.  The anuual fee is $25.00 which is a $10.00 savings because you belong to TTS.  You must be a Safety Officer or have an SO with you if you wish to practice during non-IDPA scheduled times.  Range fees for on your own practice is $15.00.  A complete list of TSC benefits can be viewed on Thunder Gun Range's new web site.

These changes have no effect on any members who strictly come out to shoot with TTS during regularly scheduled matches & practice sessions.

If you have not done so already - All TTS IDPA Safety Officers need to see Jesse at their earliest convenience.  Based on your IDPA SO credentials you will be issued, at no charge, a TGR Safety Officer Certificate. 

Thank you for your continued cooperation,